Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Networking, Ladder Climbing, and Writing to the End

On June 29, beginning at 6:30 p.m., #Write2TheEnd will be hosting a content-rich mini-workshop full of ways you can immediately start Climbing the Writer's Ladder.

Here's one of the ways: Networking.

What does that mean?

It means taking an interest in writers other than yourself.

It means connecting with them, being interested in their process, their journey, their books, and their lives.

It means reaching out to them and making new friends.

It means attending a booksigning or a lecture, or a reading, or seminar, and supporting them.

It means buying their book, reading it, and telling others about it.

What's it look like in practice? Well, if you were one of the people who packed Forever Books in St. Joseph for Ava Chin's booksigning earlier this month, you've seen it firsthand.

EATING WILDLY's author, Ava Chin, with Ami and Kim.
Kim befriended Ava years ago in an online writing group on a topic both were interested in. When Kim found out that Ava was on a book tour, she lost no time in contacting Forever Books and adding a stop to Ava's itinerary.

We spent a wonderful evening with Ava and her family, after which Ava dubbed us "The Thelma and Louise of writing coaching." (I suspect #Write2TheEnd alums will have no trouble deciding who is who...)

Networking is about connecting on a human level with the person who penned the words on the page. It's not about asking that person to do something for you. It's about forging friendships; about giving instead of taking.

This Monday, Kim and I will touch on many of the topics we present in detail during #Write2TheEnd. We'll focus on giving participants the tools to help them progress from "where you are" to "where you want to be."

We'll also provide a preview of what participants can expect from our #Write2TheEnd Summer Session, which begins right after the holiday, Monday evening, July 6th, 6:30-8:30 PM, at our offices in St. Joe (420 Main Street).

Make this the summer you meet the writing goal that's niggled at you for years--you know the one! And we'll pay you to do it!

What's special about #Write2TheEnd?

When it comes to your Big Writing Project, we'll help you ACE IT:
  • Accountability
  • Community
  • Encouragement
  • Inspiration
  • TOOLS!

And then there's the famous #Write2TheEnd incentive:

#Write2TheEnd pays you back $100 of your registration fee if you meet the challenging yet achievable goal YOU set for yourself on night one!

We help each participant determine an appropriate goal for him or herself (first class, Monday, July 6, 6:30-8:30 PM). And we will spend the entire summer (Mondays, 6:30-8:30 PM, through August 31st) supporting you and providing tools that make it possible for you to achieve that goal!

More than anything in the world, we WANT you to succeed! And we do everything in our power to help you make it happen for yourself this summer.

It is possible! You CAN achieve your goal! We'll teach you how.

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