Ami Hendrickson and Kim Jorgensen Gane are masters at their crafts. The somewhat kooky (OK, rather twisted) combination of these two fun-loving, dedicated, and skillful writers made the workshop a life-changing blast.

From their opening-week guided goal setting to the information-packed weekly skill drills, everything about their 8-week Write2theEnd course is designed so you can be successful. I was able to accomplish publishing goals that had been on my wish-list for the better part of a decade—things I had seemed unable to do.

Completing the projects was wonderful, but the increased confidence, courage, and creativity of working with e-publishing  technology was something I could not have known to ask for. Their support and guidance pulled me out of a prison of fear and limiting beliefs. The benefits are blessing all areas of my life.

This pair holds you accountable with kid gloves.

If you suspect a book  is inside you waiting to come out, you owe it to yourself to experience Write2theEnd....

Rev. Debra Basham
Author, Teacher, Healer, and Minister
Subtle Communication Systems
Small Changes ... Infinite Results™
#Write2TheEnd Goal-Meeting Participant
Summer 2015

If I was being completely honest, I would have to admit that I wasn't writing.  At all.  In my head there was a book that wanted to be written but I was paralyzed by fears.  What if I never finish?  What makes me think I'm good enough to write?  How do I even start?  The day I happened upon a flyer for the #Write2TheEnd workshop turned my writing life around.

Kim and Ami are quite the team.  Kim slowly drained away the fears and doubts that were drowning me, while Ami passionately shared tools that made my monster of a goal seem more like a puppy. If you are on the fence about this class, just jump all in!  You won't regret it. 

Larissa H.
#Write2TheEnd Goal-Meeting Participant
Summer, 2014 

The #Write2TheEnd writer's workshop has been an incredible experience for me. I began the workshop with a started project. By the workshop's conclusion, my project was finished and ready for submission.

Throughout the workshop, Ami and Kim were encouraging. They made me feel my project was important and worthy of completion. They held me accountable for getting an adequate amount of work done each week so that my project would progress in a timely manner.

Kim and Ami are wonderful facilitators. They presented me with many useful tools which will continue to make me a better writer.

I'd recommend #Write2TheEnd writer's workshop to anybody with a writing goal to achieve. I truly did Write2TheEnd.
Sheri B.
#Write2TheEnd Goal-Meeting Participant
Summer, 2014

Ami Hendrickson and Kim Jorgensen Gane have come up with a novel approach to finishing that writing project.  During an 8-week session of a workshop called “Write2TheEnd,” they encourage writers to set goals and make progress on either a new venture or one that’s been languishing on the shelf.  They are full of ideas and tips on how to get past writer’s block, develop characters, construct a plot – well, just anything to do with writing.

To say that Ami has a fountain of information to share is an understatement; she is a veritable tsunami.  Her ideas are practical and delivered with contagious enthusiasm.  Kim is the warm and fuzzy one, full of ideals, sensitivity and encouragement.  Their strengths compliment each other, and they are generous in sharing them with other writers.

Write2TheEnd is a fun and unique experience.  
Judith R.
#Write2TheEnd: Fall, 2014

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