Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Writer's Golden Rule

Want to kick your writing into high gear, all the way to The End? (Whatever "the end" means to you.)

Want to finish a first draft?

Want to polish a completed draft that's sitting in a drawer or on your hard drive?

Want to write, polish and submit a short story for publication?

Want to self-publish your ebook?

Want to simply define yourself as a writer and produce something to show for it?

If you're like many writers, you know the real question isn't "What do you want?" It's "What are you going to do about it?"
You know there is a difference between wanting a thing and doing a thing.

Many people want to write. They talk about it, fantasize about it, wish they had the time to do it. But they never take their dream of writing seriously enough to make it a reality.

And that is tragic. Because if you don't write your book, no one will.

Writing can be difficult. It's a solitary undertaking that non-writers rarely understand. But there is no escaping the Writer's Golden Rule...

The Writer’s Golden Rule: 

No one is more committed to my writing and my success than I am.

Why not do what you've always wanted? Why not write to "the end?"

At a #Write2TheEnd Writer's Workshop, you'll become part of a small, dedicated community of up to 15 other writers -- just like you -- who have decided that nothing, nothing, is going to stand in the way of making their dream come true.

You'll meet weekly with facilitators who will cheerlead, troubleshoot, and provide clear, actionable suggestions you can immediately apply to your project.

At #Write2TheEnd, we won't hold your hand --

-- but we'll applaud every step you take toward the finish line. YOUR finish line.

It's true: No one is more committed to your success than you are. But a #Write2TheEnd Writer's Workshop introduces you to a whole group of people who come close...


  1. Well done...sounds perfect to me! Congrats to you both on getting this off the ground! Only wish I lived closer. I taught these kind of summer workshops for teachers over the years; always exciting because we walk away having learned more too!

  2. Thanks, Joan, for commenting. Kim and I are so excited about this venture. Wish you lived closer, too! We're considering a remote access participation option. Maybe in the fall...?
    Onward and upward! Here's hoping you Write2theEnd on your pet project this summer!